Where is Linda Chung now?

Good job, you’ve read 3 articles today! Linda Chung is currently in Hong Kong filming television serial Children’s Hospital, which also stars Kenneth Ma, Kevin Cheng and Him Law.

Is Linda Chung still in TVB?

Linda Chung in 2014. Chung ended her contract with TVB in 2018. As a singer, Chung has released four studio albums, Dinner for One, World for Two (2008), My Love Story (2009), My Private Selection (2011), and Love Love Love (2012).

How old is Linda Chung?

37 years (April 9, 1984)
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When did Linda Chung get married?

December 25, 2015 (Jeremy Leung)
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Who is Myolie Wu husband?

Philip Leem. 2015
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How tall is Linda Chung?

171 cm
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Will there be big white duel Season 2?

Youku has partnered up with TVB to release the highly anticipated medical drama, Big White Duel 2 in 2021. They have recently released the still cuts from the drama. The second season following the successful medical drama, Big White Duel II introduces two new characters.

Who is Fala Chen husband?

Emmanuel Straschnovm. 2019
Daniel Sitm. 2008–2013
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Who is Grace Wong husband?

Daniel Changm. 2016
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How old is Myolie Wu?

41 years (November 6, 1979)
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Is Myolie Wu Hakka?

Wu impressed onlookers with her self-introduction in the Hakka dialect, and announced that she hoped to carry on the Lee family line “with three babies in a year”.

Is Ali Lee married?

Ali Lee Kai-sum (Chinese: 李佳芯; born 27 November 1982) is a Hong Kong actress and television presenter contracted to TVB….

Ali Lee
Occupation Actress, television presenter
Years active 2008–present
Partner(s) Danny Chan (2015–2020)

Who is Linda Chung from Hong Kong married to?

Jeremy Leung, a chiropractor who has his own practice in Canada, is 12 years Linda’s senior. He is also the nephew of former TVB chairman, Norman Leung. 2. The proposal It didn’t take long for the pair to know they were made for one another.

Are there any Hong Kong actresses that still look good?

Many of Hong Kong’s most famous actresses started out in the eighties, and even as we hit the new decade of 2020, these actress are still looking as great as they ever were. Aging is a process that never stops, but that doesn’t mean you have to look the part.

How old is Anita Chung from Hong Kong?

As 1990’s Miss Hong Kong winner and one of the youngest to win Best Actress at the Hong Kong Film Awards, there’s no doubt that Anita is a movie star. Even now at 48 years old, she still looks youthful. 17. Cherie Chung (鍾楚紅)

When did Linda Chung win the Miss Chinese International pageant?

Linda Chung Ka-yan (traditional Chinese: 鍾嘉欣) (born 9 April 1984) is a TVB actress and singer based in Hong Kong. She entered the industry in 2004 when she won the 2004 Miss Chinese International Pageant. She is now an actress under TVB and a singer under the Star Entertainment label.