Where is the song Fascination from?

“Fascination” is a popular waltz song with music (1904) by Fermo Dante Marchetti and lyrics (1905) by Maurice de Féraudy. It was first published in Hamburg (Anton J. Benjamin) and Paris (Édition F. D. Marchetti) in 1904 in a version for piano solo (‘Valse Tzigane’).

Who did the song fascination?

Dick Manning
Aoi TeshimaJosé AugustoChristian-Pierre La Marca

What was the song Nat King Cole sang with his daughter?

After the fall of Saigon, Hung and his then-wife fled to the U.S. They settled in Northern Virginia near Washington, D.C., and had a daughter named Annie. The song “Unforgettable” by Natalie Cole is a duet with her father, Nat King Cole, and it came to have special meaning to Annie and her dad.

Who wrote fascination?

Fermo Dante Marchetti

What is the meaning of fascination in English?

1a : the quality or power of fascinating. b : something fascinating. 2 : the state of being fascinated : the state of feeling an intense interest in something.

Who sings keep feeling fascination?

The Human League
(Keep Feeling) Fascination/Artists

What movie is the song Fascination by Human League?

Fever Pitch
(Keep Feeling) Fascination/Movie

What killed Nat King Cole?

Lung cancer
Nat King Cole/Cause of death

Who sings unforgettable with Nat King Cole?

Natalie Cole

Does fascination mean attraction?

Fascination is an irresistible attraction. Be careful to use the right preposition: you’ve got a fascination with handsome princes, but handsome princes hold a fascination for you.

How do you use the word fascination?

Fascination sentence example

  1. I couldn’t figure out his fascination with her at the time.
  2. Fascination and fear trickled through her.
  3. He felt the fascination and delight of frenzy.
  4. Greece, ancient Greece, exercised a mysterious fascination over me.