Where is the torque vending machine?

Locations. Torgue Arena – To the right when entering. Pyro Pete’s Bar – To the right when entering. The Beatdown – Two machines: The first is to the right when entering, the second is by following the main road to the area at the bottom of the hill.

Can you get Torgue Tokens in normal mode?

Farming Torgue Tokens can be an effective way of acquiring legendary Torgue weapons. As the drop rate of Torgue Tokens are the same regardless of the playthrough mode, tokens can be farmed on Normal mode to obtain True Vault Hunter or Ultimate Vault Hunter leveled items.

How do I get the unkempt Harold?

In Borderlands 2, It is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from Savage Lee located in Three Horns – Divide. In Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage, the Unkempt Harold can be purchased from a Torgue vending machine as the ‘Item of the Day’.

Are Torgue Weapons good?

The explosively delightful lineup of Torgue weapons in Borderlands 3 rarely disappoints — these are the best of them. Often, these weapons come laced with Incendiary or Explosive features, while packing raw power and often inflicting splash damage.

Which unkempt Harold is the best?

Double penetrating is more bullets, torgue grip is bigger magazine size and faster results speed. For normal mode the DPUH isn’t quite as good because it’s ammo heavy and any Unkempt Harold will kill quickly. Otherwise the DPUH is probably best in most scenarios.

How many Torgue Tokens can you carry?

Notes. The maximum number of Torgue Tokens that can be collected 999. Tokens collected after reaching the maximum number allowed will not be counted towards the inventory and will be lost.

How do I get a grog nozzle?

The Grog Nozzle cannot be legitimately obtained as anything other than a mission item, with the exception of Grog Nozzles dropped during the 6th day of the 4th (final) week of the Borderlands 2 $100,000 Loot Hunt (11/07/13), whereupon the Gold Golem in the Mines of Avarice would drop it as a reward.

Is Mr Torgue in Borderlands 3?

Voice actor Chris Rager is returning to reprise his role as Mr. Torgue in Borderlands 3.

What are the best guns in bl3?

Borderlands 3: 10 Best Legendary Weapons For Mayhem 10

  • 3 Backburner.
  • 4 Free Radical.
  • 5 Light Show.
  • 6 Torrent.
  • 7 Convergence.
  • 8 Monarch.
  • 9 Flipper. Obtained from Minosaur in Bloodsun Canyon from DLC 3 Bounty of Blood.
  • 10 Tizzy. Obtained from the Arms Race game mode in the Designer’s Cut DLC.

How many Torgue Tokens are in the shop?

The item of the day in the Torgue Token Shops are always a legendary manufactured by Torgue and all the legendaries cost 613 Torgue Tokens. The other items in the shop can range from 30 Torgue Tokens to a few hundred tokens.

What happens if you use Torq token in torque trading system?

The use of the worthless TORQ token means Torque Trading System returns are, for the most part, monopoly money backoffice numbers. Actual withdrawals will be made till the company’s anonymous admins refuse to pay out. After which Torque Trading Systems affiliates will be left holding TORQ tokens they can’t do anything with.

Where do you get Torgue Tokens in Fortnite?

A good way to get Torgue Tokens is to complete the Tier 3 Battle: Bar Room Blitz quest. Torgue Tokens can be used at Torgue Token Shops. These shops are found next to almost any other ammo and medical shops in the DLC.

How many levels are there in torque trading systems?

If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 3 and so on and so forth down a theoretical infinite number of levels. Torque Trading Systems caps payable unilevel team levels down seven levels of recruitment. Referral commissions are paid out across these seven levels as follows: