Writing an essay is an important part of the learning process of any pupil or student. Essay is an integral part of an admission to a higher education institution, and later, academic success as well as career growth of every student directly depend on the ability to properly express his thoughts and ideas. Writing an essay is extremely useful because it allows the author to learn how to formulate thoughts clearly and correctly, how to create a readable structure for his ideas, to highlight cause-effect relationships, to illustrate experience with relevant examples and to argue conclusions. A cause-and-effect essay is a specific type of academic paper, and sometimes the authors have difficulties with writing this type of work.

So, how can you do the process of cause and effect writing simple and fun?


Any academic activity requires researches and study of existing literature. If you want to form your own opinion on any issue, you have to be well versed in the chosen topic. This is the rule on which the whole system of scientific research is based. A causal essay requires a clear adherence to the facts. And where you can these facts get? That’s right, only through careful study of numerous sources.

“The more sources, the better” – another rule that every student should remember. At the same time, all sources must be relevant and actual. In our time, problems with access to educational materials should not arise. Numerous libraries, online resources, scientific journals, articles and e-books. In some cases, you can study and write scientific work even without leaving your own home. You have many opportunities, and all you need is not to miss them.

Clarity and consistency

A cause-and-effect relationships and links between things and events have a clear structure. There is some causes, or reasons, which entail consequences. The same story you can see in the process of academic writing. Consistency and organization is the key to success.

Besides, each written text, not only academic, should have a clear structure. It could be an article, fiction, school essay or even a blog on a social network. By following simple tips and guides that can be easily found on the relevant sites, you can make a plan for further work and start to write it without problems.

Just ask

Which way to get help and support might be more obvious than simply asking for it? Professors, lecturers, other students – a person is a part of society, and in such cases it is necessary to use it. Again, thanks to the development of modern technology and the Internet, people have the opportunity to keep in touch at almost any time, and even being far away from each other. There is nothing easier than writing an email to your teacher or colleague, and asking them to share their experience.

Using experience is basically a very good idea. There is a huge amount of online resources on which people post advices and lifehacks. Feel free to get help from others – for such purposes these sites exist.

Interest and motivation

However, no external factors can help you, or anyone else, write a work, including a cause-and-effect essay, if there is no personal interest in the process. This concerns not only studies, but basically any achievement in a person’s life. The most important thing is interest, as well as self-confidence. With these qualities, you will be able to succeed without any problems. After all, how does the main law of cause-and-effect principle sound? Any action has its consequences. And if you want to observe the result of your work, you need to make an effort. You must cause the effects. A cause-and-effect, right?

Overall, the main conclusion suggests itself. There are many ways to get help during writing your cause-and-effect work. First you need to want to get it, everything else happens by itself.