Which channels are in super family pack of Dish TV?

Dish TV Super Family Pack (Rs.270)

  • 2 Business News Hindi Channels. Zee Business, CNBC Awaaz.
  • 19 Hindi Entertainment Channels.
  • 27 Hindi Movies Channels.
  • 1 Sports Channel.
  • 16 Hindi News Channels.
  • 3 Kids Channels.
  • 5 Infotainment Channels.
  • 12 Music Channels.

How many channels are in the Super Family Pack?

Super Family Pack provides a list of 206 channels covering Rest of India Regional, South Regional, Hindi News, Hindi Movies, Others etc., genres. This pack has 39 popular channels and comes with a minimum price of Rs. 313 with 28 days of validity.

What is 301 offer in Dish TV?

Save Rs. 301 on your DishTV Recharge at Dish Dth Website. Get upto 100% cashback when you recharge for a unique amount of Rs.

What is titanium pack in Dish TV?

The Dish TV Titanium HSM offers a total of 94 channels out of which 36 are popular. The package contains 16 General Entertainment, 8 Infotainment, 11 Kids, 3 Lifestyle & Fashion, 18 Movies, 2 Music, 24 News and 12 Sports channels.

What is HSM pack?

You could subscribe to the Dish TV Super Sports HSM at ₹233 with a validity of 1 Month to get your package of entertainment active. The package contains 12 Devotional, 46 General Entertainment, 78 News, 1 Others, 36 Movies, 13 Infotainment, 11 Kids, 4 Lifestyle & Fashion, 17 Music and 13 Sports channels.

Which recharge is best for Dish TV?

Dish TV Recharge Plans List With Price

Dish TV Plans Dish TV Monthly Recharge Price Benefits Of The Pack
Bharat Pack Rs. 85 170 Channels
Swagat Pack Rs. 177 230 Channels
Swagat HD Pack Rs. 194 197 Channels + 7 HD Channels
Super Family Rs. 253 290 Channels + 2 Regional Pack

What is Tata Sky Family Pack?

Family Kids pack is a TataSky Pack that has a total of 93 channels. Subscribe to Family Kids pack at just ₹ 233.76 per month on Tata Sky. 93 SD channels in this pack. Hindi Movies 15 Channels. &picturesCh.

How much does Dish TV cost a month?

How Much is DISH a Month? DISH offers packages starting at $64.99 per month. * For more channels, including sports, drama, movies and live events, upgrade your package and take advantage of DISH’s 2 year price guarantee. America’s Top 120 Plus, Top 200 and Top 250 are perfect for family entertainment.