Which is the best DiGi Prepaid internet plan?

The Prepaid plan that comes with free life insurance and high-speed internet. Only 100,000 Packs on Digi Store Online! Stay active with the plan that gives you free IDD and unlimited video streaming. Stay connected with your loved ones through our Internet & IDD bundles.

How to get free call Unlimited with Buddyz-Digi?

You need to be on DG Easy or Smart prepaid. Then you can use the *128# menu to add your 3 Buddyz numbers under My Account > Friends & Family. Only DG numbers can be added. 20-03-2017 12:33 PM

What happens if I Change my Digi Buddyz number?

In the event the Subscriber changes his/her call plan, at Digi’s discretion, the Buddyz™ numbers may be removed. Pursuant thereto, the resetting of the Buddyz™ numbers shall require the Subscriber to key in all their Buddyz™ numbers again. 1.4.

When do you get deducted from Digi Freebie bucket?

Any chargeable SMS sent to a Digi number/Buddyz™ number will be deducted from the freebie bucket first, before each Buddyz™’ main credit balance is deducted. * Only applicable for Subscribers who have activated their Digi® Easy Prepaid SIM card on or after 25 February 2011.

Select your 30 Days High-speed Internet Plan. Select “Internet Monthly Active ” category. Your SIM validity will be extended for 30 days. Daily & Weekly Internet passes also extends your validity. Enjoy personalised rewards & bonuses with your 30 Days High-speed Internet Plan. Up to 2GB Bonus Internet from Plan Renewals.

What do you need to know about Digi mobile?

ABOUT DIGI . Company; Media; Sustainability; Investors; Careers; Collaboration; CONTACT US . Phone (016 221 1800) Chat with Us; Find a Digi Store; Report an Issue; Security. Complaints; GeoTrust; Norton

How to get free 100 mins Digi in Malaysia?

Free 100 mins/week (Digi-Digi) with RM10 Reload . Free up to 10% Credit with Reloads through MyDigi. Thousands of rewards from RM0.99. Manage and Buy Digital Services Subscriptions from as low as RM1. All these, Powered by MyDigi. Download it now to get FREE 1GB.

How to send 20 GB files for free?

Talking about our concern of sending files as big as 20 GB, DigiBoxx provides a free plan wherein you can use 20 GB of storage. Additionally, you can integrate your account with the GMAIL account; you can collaborate with other users in real-time, and much more. More importantly, you can store files up to 20 GB and share them with your peers.