Who is the most popular on Scratch?

Most followed Users on Scratch

Rank Rank Change Name
1 griffpatch
2 Will_Wam
3 +1 griffpatch_tutor
4 +1 ScratchCat* (Scratch team)

What is the best project in Scratch?

List of The 25 Best Scratch Games

  • Geometry Dash! ( 167453 hearts)
  • Paper Minecraft (17461 hearts)
  • [3D]ボールころころ2 (16702 hearts)
  • Mystic Valley (14882 hearts)
  • Appel (12549 hearts)
  • Pokemon Clicker (12511 hearts)
  • Flip 3D (10428 hearts)
  • Random Tycoon Thing (10051 hearts)

How do you get noticed on Scratch?

Give Positive Feedback. Giving positive feedback on recently shared projects or lesser known projects is a nice way to gain popularity, or build up your reputation on Scratch. Many Scratchers after receiving feedback may check out your profile, or leave a follow.

Who is the first scratcher?

gdpr0000001 (the first known GDPR account) is commonly believed to be the first account created on Scratch due to its join date, but the first user was actually wrgsfhwbxvb who was created earlier in real time, without having their join date altered.

What is the first ever Scratch project?

What was the first ever Scratch project ever created in the history of Scratch, ever? Most of the first projects were created by former Scratch Team member and creator of scratch, andresmh. As said by ProdigyZeta, the first project was called weekend.

Can you make an animation series on scratch?

So I have been wanting to make an animation series on scratch. I have made some things like my intro and some faces, but I can never think of what to have the animations about.

What’s the best activity for an anime club?

Only you know if this is a workable program activity in your community, but if you can it’s sure to be a hit. If you’ve ever watched the improv show Whose Line is it Anyway you might have seen this game. Basically a film clip is played without sound and the players take a character on screen and make up the dialogue as they go along.

What do you think of my animation ideas?

Im thinking of doing things from my life as well as things made up or suggested. If you got an idea I could use for one of my animations I would love to hear it! Thanks so much!

How to get your teens to draw manga?

With only one minute to draw nobody’s work will be perfect anyway, but it will get them thinking creatively. Try giving them different prompts every handful of minutes, like drawing villains or pets. Let your teens be the experts and have them create a beginners’ guide, either to manga in general or a specific series they love.