Who is the owner of the Malayalee House?

The Malayalee House was built exclusively for the show at a film studio in Hyderabad owned by actor Nagarjuna. The open area at the center of the house (Nadumuttam) is the center place for all house activities. There is a kitchen, prayer room, and several bedrooms in the house.

How many people watch Malayalee House per episode?

From the initial episodes itself, the program received very good viewership (approximately 0.25 – 0.3 million per episode) in the Surya TV YouTube Channel. However, the view count hit below 0.2 million from approximately days 40-50 (eviction week of Chitra Iyer). Later, though, for a brief period, the view count could hit above 0.2 million.

When did the first season of Malayalee House start?

Malayalee House was a South Indian Malayalam reality TV show which was telecast on Surya TV. The South Indian Malayalam rip-off of Big Brother, the first season started airing on 5 May 2013 and ended on 30 August 2013.

What are the names of the cameras in Malayalee House?

The contestants have named all the cameras and the main camera is called “Kanthaari”. The show consists of 16 ‘residents’ who live together with the main intention of creating a show out of the space and time provided to them.

Who are the kids in the Malayali House?

Also, Pradeep’s kids, Souparnika and Suryanarayanan; Sojan’s kids, Chelsa and Crisa; and Sneha’s kids, Varun and Tarun were in Malayali House on the 6th week. In later weeks, more guests were introduced into the house, including Neena’s daughter Pavithra.

When did Pradeep’s wife come into Malayalee House?

From approximately days 70-80 (eviction week of Santhosh Pandit and the disqualification of Sneha Nambiar) the viewership again fell below 0.2 million. Even though the second title of Malayali House indicates that there is no connection to the outer world, Pradeep’s wife came into Malayali House on 19 June 2013.