Why are Britannia Hotels so bad?

Dirty loos and scathing reviews by guests have led Britannia hotels to be named as Britain’s worst hotel chain for the eighth year running. visited the Britannia’s Grand Burstin hotel in Folkestone, researchers found stray hairs, stained towels, and surfaces that had not been thoroughly cleaned between stays.

Which hotels are in the Britannia chain?

Britannia Hotels

Type Private
Subsidiaries Britannia Adelphi Hotel Ltd Birmingham International Hotel Ltd Ambassador Hotels (Bournemouth) Ltd Ambassador (East Cliff) Ltd Britannia Hotel Bolton Ltd Britannia Hotel Leeds Ltd Britannia Country House Hotel Ltd Britannia Hotel Edinburgh Ltd Britannia Hotel Wolverhampton Ltd

Where is Britannia Hotels head office?

Hale, United Kingdom
Britannia Hotels/Headquarters

Can you smoke in Britannia hotel?

The hotel is spread over several floors, the 7th floor contains all smoking rooms – a very convenient thing for smokers, when most hotel chains insist on all non smoking rooms. A TV with freeview, tea and coffee facilities in the room, and a bathroom with bath and over bath shower.

How many hotels are in the Britannia group?

With 60 hotels across the UK with over 10,000 bedrooms Britannia Hotels offers the best value for quality accommodation. Perfect for families, leisure or business our hotels are located in busy city centres, seafront locations and picturesque countryside.

Who is the managing director of Britannia Hotels?

Alex Langsam
Alex Langsam, managing director of Britannia Hotels, said there were plans to redevelop the Buxton property in order to ‘restore it to its true former glory’.

Do Britannia own Pontins?

Holiday camp company Pontin’s has been bought by Britannia Hotel Group, saving 850 jobs, administrator KPMG has announced. The company, which runs five parks, had been placed into administration in November last year. “We are delighted that we have been able to rescue the great British institution of Pontin’s.

Who owns Britannia?

Wadia Group
Britannia Industries/Parent organizations

Do hotels ask for ID UK?

The hotel chain adheres to the Hotel Records Order 1972, which requires all guests over the age of 16 to provide proof of identity, nationality and place of next location upon check-in.

Can a hotel refuse a cash paying guest?

Do hotels take cash, and do they have the right to refuse a cash payment? As of 2021, there is no federal law in the United States that prevents a hotel from refusing cash payments. Provided, of course, that the credit-card-only policy is communicated to the guest before the guest stays at the property.

Does Britannia own Pontins?

Pontins is a British company operating holiday parks in the UK, founded in 1946 by Fred Pontin. Since 2011, it has been owned by Britannia Hotels. Pontins specialises in offering half-board and self-catering holidays featuring entertainment at resorts, or “holiday parks”, as they have branded them.

Who owns Pontins now?

Britannia Hotels
Pontins/Parent organizations

Pontins is a British company operating holiday parks in the UK, founded in 1946 by Fred Pontin. Since 2011, it has been owned by Britannia Hotels.