Why are Severus Snape memes so funny?

Every true Harry Potter fan knows the agony of wondering whether or not Severus Snape is on the side of good or evil. As cringey as this joke might be, it’s also laugh-out-loud funny because it reminds us of the pain of not knowing while we read the whole Harry Potter series.

Are there any memes of Snape from Harry Potter?

The Internet has turned some of Snape’s darkest tendencies into hilarious memes. While it’s not kind to ridicule someone who has endured so much pain, he is also someone who has caused much of it, which makes us feel a bit less guilty for laughing at these.

Who is the actor who plays Severus Snape?

Serverus Snape is a fictional character from the book series, Harry Potter. He is played by Alan Rickman in the movies and depicted with a dry and sarcastic voice, a disdain for the main character, Harry Potter, a preference for the house of Slytherin and being thought of as a villain but having several character reveals that show him as a hero.

Why did Snape send Harry to Dumbledore’s Pensieve?

Every time a character in the Harry Potter universe has shed a memory to be revealed in the mystical depths of the Pensieve, those memories were pulled from the brain like a long strand of glowing fiber. So when Snape decided to send Harry to Dumbledore’s Pensieve with his tears instead of a memory from his own mind, chaos erupted.

Which is the funniest Harry Potter Snape meme?

The funniest part of this meme is in the last panel where Snape has “Potter right where he wants him,” which is where he gives the tiniest of grins as Harry reports for detention with the Potions Master. This must be Snape’s expression of pure joy.

Why was Snape in love with Harry Potter’s mother?

Also in the final book, Snape is revealed to have been in love with Harry Potter’s mother, Lily Evans / Potter. This is cited as the sole reason Snape protects Harry through his years and acts as a spy against Voldemort for Dumbledore.