Why is it called Santiago Bernabeu?

On 4 January 1955, after the General Assembly of Members Compromisaros, it was decided that the stadium adopt its present name in honour of club President Santiago Bernabéu. In May 1957, Real Madrid used electric stadium lighting in a game against Sport Recife of Brazil.

Who is the owner of Santiago Bernabeu?

Real Madrid CF
Santiago Bernabéu Stadium/Owners

How many seats are there in the Bernabeu?

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium/Capacity

How big is Bernabeu?

81,044 people
It is the second largest stadium in Spain after the Camp Nou. It has a capacity for 81,044 people. The stadium is called Estadio Santiago Bernabéu in Spanish….Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

Location Av. de Concha Espina 1, 28036 Madrid, Spain
Capacity 81,044
Field dimensions 105 m × 68 m (344 ft × 223 ft)
Tenants Real Madrid

Is the Santiago Bernabeu ready?

The Bernabéu is not expected to be fully finished until the end of 2022. Construction work is visible outside and inside the venue, which will get a retractable roof and a state-of-the-art video board.

Which stadium holds the most capacity?

Capacity of 100,000 or more

Stadium Capacity Country
Michigan Stadium 107,601 United States
Beaver Stadium 106,572 United States
Ohio Stadium 102,780 United States
Kyle Field 102,733 United States

How big is Camp Nou pitch?

105 metres x 68 metres
In accordance with UEFA stipulations, the playing area has been downsized to 105 metres x 68 metres. With a capacity of 99,354, it is now the biggest stadium in Europe.

What is the name of the Real Madrid stadium?

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium
Real Madrid CF/Arenas/Stadiums

What was the capacity of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium?

But the capacity of the ground will be reduced from 80,243 to 80,242. During the fight against the deadly virus – which saw Spain plunged into lockdown – Madrid opened up the stadium to help hospitals in the local area.

How tall will the new Santiago Bernabeu be?

The Santiago Bernabéu will grow 12 meters and will be 57 meters high, will debut 3,000 new seats for a total capacity of 82,000 spectators. The current Tour of the Bernabéu will also be expanded and a new interactive museum will be opened.

How does the tour of Santiago Bernabeu work?

The Bernabéu Tour takes visitors around the club’s most iconic spots and shows them the stadium the way the authorities see it, from the Presidential Balcony; from the players’ perspective, from the pitch itself, and from the coach’s viewpoint, sitting in the heated ergonomic seats in the bench area.

Who is the architect of the Santiago Bernabeu?

Since the Santiago Bernabéu is located in the middle of the city, its remodeling has presented a great challenge due to the restrictions of free space for its expansion. The reform of the Real Madrid house, has been designed by the group of architects GMP / L35 / RIBAS, with the current market needs in mind.