Why Sector 17 Chandigarh is famous?

The Shopping Plaza in Sector 17 is one of the oldest arcades in the city and sees a massive footfall on a daily basis. It is undoubtedly one of the outstanding shopping places in Chandigarh and houses an immense assortment of apparel, carpets, traditional footwear, food stalls, and handicrafts.

What can I buy in Sector 17 Chandigarh?

SECTOR 17 PLAZA If you are looking for western wears, branded clothes and shoes, electronic goods, bestselling books, music stores, awards manufacturing and ethnic jewellery in Chandigarh, then the City Centre area in Sector 17 is a must for you to visit.

Is Sector 17 market Chandigarh Open on Sunday?

CHANDIGARH: Sunday shoppers to Sector 17 city centre are in for some bad news as UT has decided to keep the showrooms closed on Sundays. Administration has not extended the yearly-basis Sunday shopping permission to commercial hub of Sector 17 and other markets, which expired on May 31.

What is famous in Chandigarh to buy?

Shopping In Chandigarh

  • Things To Buy In Chandigarh.
  • Phulkari. Phulkari, a type of craft that involves simple embroidery works with great finishing touch is very popular in Chandigarh.
  • Punjbai Dupattas.
  • Juttis.
  • Jams And Juices.
  • Woolen Garments.
  • Handlooms And Artifacts.

What is special in Chandigarh?

Also called the city beautiful, Chandigarh was designed by the Swiss-French modernist architect, Le Corbusier. Apart from the city’s architecture and buildings like Capitol Complex, High Court, Secretariat, Legislative Assembly and giant Open Hand Monument, it is also famous for its clean roads and greenery.

What food is famous in Chandigarh?

20 Handpicked Street Food in Chandigarh

  • Golgappa. Golgappa. Golgappas is every chaat lover’s favourite.
  • Dahi Bhalla. Dahi Bhalla.
  • Chaat. Chaat.
  • Chole Bhature. Chole Bhature.
  • Kulfi. Kesar Pista Kulfi.
  • Pav Bhaji. Pav Bhaji.
  • Tikki. Tikki.
  • Paneer Tikka. Paneer Tikka.

Which sector is best in Chandigarh?

Well, see the list of top 7 best and posh sectors of Chandigarh below now.

  • Sector 5, Chandigarh, the VVIP Area.
  • Sector 8, Chandigarh — The Mini Las Vegas.
  • Sector 9, Chandigarh.
  • Sector 10, Chandigarh.
  • Sector 11, Chandigarh.
  • Sector 16, Chandigarh.
  • Sector 33, Chandigarh.

Is Shastri market open tomorrow?

Generally open from 11 am to 8pm.

What is the best time to visit Chandigarh?

The weather of the region is characterized by extremely hot summers, cold winters, and monsoons with unpredictable rainfall. This means, the period from September to November, when the rains are over, is the best time to visit Chandigarh.

How many days are enough in Chandigarh?

2-3 days is sufficient amount of time to explore Chandigarh. This does not take into account day trips to places in the vicinity like Pinjore Gardens, Morni Hills and Kasauli.

Which is the famous festival of Chandigarh?

Teej Festival in Chandigarh. A traditional festival celebrated by women in Chandigarh. Teej is a fasting festival for Hindu women.

Which sector is best for food in Chandigarh?

Street Food of Chandigarh – 17 Best Places to Eat in Chandigarh

  1. Garg Chaat, Sector-23.
  2. Classic 44, Sector – 37C.
  3. Bholey Di Hattey, Sector-44.
  4. Brick Firewood Pizza, Zirakpur.
  5. The Indian Coffee House, Sector 17.
  6. Pal Dhaba, Sector 28D.
  7. Amritsari Kulcha Hub, Sector 9C.
  8. Bawa Juice Corner, Sector 21.

Why is sector 17 in Chandigarh so famous?

Sector 17 in Chandigarh was once a very famous place in Chandigarh because it was the central hub. People on holidays would spend time with their families doing shopping,eating on different restaurants buying branded things. Couples would also hang out a lot in the evening.

Which is the most popular market in Chandigarh?

Sector 17 Market is the most popular of the city. Replete with several big brand stores, international outlets, food chains and eateries, the market is popular both among the youngsters and the adults.

Who is the cm of Punjab in Sector 9?

A city, Sector 9, Chandigarh houses The CM of Punjab, Mr. Prakash Singh Badal. As you enter Sector 9, Chandigarh, you are be welcomed by mind blowing villas, independent houses, kothis, bungalows as well as fine dining restaurants like Foodsburry, Backpackers, Cafe Nabobs etc for that classic chic lifestyle in a posh area of Chandigarh.

How did sector 17 fast food company get its name?

Sector 17 Began as an Indian fast food truck amongst best friends, our brand name arose from the famous 17 Sector in Chandigarh,India. We are an Indo-Canadian fast food company, founded in 2016. Sector 17 serves some of its favourite food like the Noodle burger.