Are there any Olympic ruins left in Sarajevo?

And yet the Olympic ruins offer a glimmer of hope for some. In an interview with Atlantic Cities, Jon Pack—one half of the project The Olympic City, which explores Olympic infrastructure after the games—cited Sarajevo as the most inspirational former Olympic site he visited.

Where was the bobsled race in Sarajevo in 1984?

The 1984 Sarajevo bobsled run on Mount Trebević as it is now. The three-kilometer-long run winds its way down through the woods to a bombed-out spectator area below. The remains of a bombed-out building in central Sarajevo. In the background is an entire hill dedicated to victims of the war. The finish of the bobsled run on Mount Trebević.

What did they do in Sarajevo in 1984?

During the 1984 Olympics, this building housed guests and spectators watching bobsledding. During the war, it was an artillery point from which Bosnian-Serbs would fire guns into the city below. Tanya and Mirsada Kosic stand at the grave of one of the ten close relatives that they lost during the course of the war.

How many people died in the Siege of Sarajevo?

The Siege of Sarajevo left over 10,000 dead by some estimates —a toll so large that makeshift cemeteries had to be constructed all over the city. One such cemetery can be found in the middle of the Olympic arena, crumbling tombstones marking the graves of countless men, women and children killed by the violent conflict.

Where was Skenderija located during the Winter Olympics?

The outside of a restaurant from the 1984 Winter Olympics. (Courtesy of Flickr user Sarah Barrow) Restaurant During the 1984 Winter Olympics. (Courtesy of Flickr user Sarah Barrow) Skenderija was constructed as a cultural and sport center in 1969 and later used for the 1984 Winter Olympics. (Courtesy of Flickr user jaimi.silva)

Where was the first Winter Olympics held in Yugoslavia?

The site late became the setting for one of the bloodiest civil wars in the 20th century but in the 1980s was regarded as a great achievement for the small European city. The 1984 Winter Olympics was the first ever winter Olympics hosted by a communist state and was seen at the time as a major coup for socialist Yugoslavia.