Does the wheel of monotony ever stop?

If you have ever spun this wheel, then you are most likely aware of the hours it takes for it to stop spinning and finally award you a prize. Yes, quite literally hours. There is no guarantee of exactly how long the wheel will spin—it varies each time (usually between about 2 hours and 9 hours).

Is wheel of extravagance worth it Neopets?

At 100,000 NP per spin, it is an extremely expensive luck/chance game, and you can only spin it once a day. A very decorated red Tonu manages this wheel. Some of the prizes on this wheel may not be worth the 100,000 NP, especially the NP prizes where you either receive less than 100,000 or gain only a 1 NP profit.

Where are all the wheels in Neopets?

There are six neopoint wheels in Neopia, plus one neocash wheel, each with a different price point and risk margin. Some wheels can be spun once a day, others once every few hours or even minutes. The neopoint wheels are located in Faerieland, Brightvale, the Haunted Woods, Tyrannia (which has two wheels), and Qasala.

How do you cheat on Neopets?


  1. The object of the game is to remove all your cards.
  2. If you have multiple cards of the same number in your hand, you can get rid of them all at once.
  3. If you don’t have any playable cards, then cheat.
  4. If you are caught cheating, then you have to pick up every card that was put down into the pile.

How do you get a lot of money on Neopets?

You can obviously sell the items you earn for free via your dailies, which is the best way to make a profit, as whatever money you make is pure profit from items you obtained for free. You can also buy items from the official Neopets shops, like Neopian Fresh Foods or the Magical Bookshop.

What are the prizes on the wheel of extravagance?

Wheel of Extravagance

Space Awarded Prize
1 Nothing
2 You win 25,000 NP!
3 A random Nerkmid, Secret Laboratory Map piece, or job coupon
4 A paint brush

How do you get Nerkmids?

There are currently four confirmed methods for obtaining Nerkmids:

  1. A prize from a Random Event.
  2. A prize from any Battledome Challenger in the Cosmic Dome (Premium members only)
  3. A prize from the Wheel of Extravagance.
  4. A prize from the Alien Aisha Vending Machine itself.

Where can I get free jelly on Neopets?

Type Jelly to the end of the Neopets link (Ex: or Click Here Jelly World. Click on the Giant Jelly for a free daily jelly.

How do you get job coupons on Neopets?

You can either buy a Job Coupon through the Shop Wizard, Trading Post or Auctions depending on the colour you were after. Prices range from 63,000NP for a Green Job coupon, to 600,000NP for a Gold Brightvale Job coupon. You can also, on rare occasions, win a Brightvale Job Coupon through the Wheel of Knowledge here.

How do you get Neopoints cheat?

If you send the neo pet picture to your e-mail, you get 100 Neopoints. You can do this three times to a total of 1200 Neopoints. Bouncy Supreme Send your score when it’s above 1200 and you will get 1000 Neopoints. 1000 is the highest you can get on this game, in one day, you can quickly rake in 3000 Neopoints.

How do you play pyramids on Neopets?

To begin a game, simply click on the Play Pyramids button on the page! This will start you off with a new pyramid of cards. The table along the top of the game contains four headers. They are Consecutive Plays, Game Points, Cards In Pile and High Score.

How do you get 50k a day on Neopets?

You can earn 50,000 extra NP each day if you have Ghoul Catchers on your phone. Every play gets 1000 NP, so you can just replay easy levels to get it!

How long does the wheel of monotony last?

The Wheel of Monotony is still spinning. The Wheel of Monotony can run for several hours, even up to 24 full hours. However, an avatar can be received from it, and you even have a chance at getting items like a Tyrannian Paint Brush.

When to claim prize on Wheel of monotony?

You can claim your prize before the wheel stops spinning as long as the status of your spin says ‘done’. Make sure wheel_mono_get_prize.phtml says ‘done’ (Has to be withing 24 hours of the spin).

Where is the wheel of monotony on TNT?

The Wheel of Monotony, located on the Tyrannian Plateau, is universally agreed to be one of the most tedious games TNT has ever produced. If you have ever spun this wheel, then you are most likely aware of the hours it takes for it to stop spinning and finally award you a prize.

When do you use Boon on Wheel of monotony?

Enter the Wheel of Monotony where it’s all in the name: If your faction wins the Battleground of the Obelisk, you have the opportunity to use the Right Round Right Round boon. Activating this would allow you to spin all of the wheels twice before needing to wait to spin again. You do have to pay a second time.