How do I find out if a business is registered in NY?

You can find information on any corporation or business entity in New York or another state by performing a search on the Secretary of State website of the state or territory where that corporation is registered.

How do I check if an LLC is available in NY?

You can query the availability of a New York limited liability company (LLC) name on the online database run by the Division of Corporations of the New York Department of State. The same searchable database has a list of active companies in the state.

How do I look up a corporation in New York?

Search for a business entity (Corporation, LLC, Limited Partnership) in New York by using the Secretary of State’s Website. The only way to preform a lookup is by Name, when doing so, you will want to use as many matching keywords as you can as the database will pull all matching records.

Where do I find my NYS DOS number?

The exact name of the entity and its DOS ID number may be found by searching the name of the entity on the Department of State’s Corporation & Business Entity Database. A Biennial Statement should not be filed prior to the calendar month in which the Biennial Statement is due.

How do I see if my LLC is active?

To check an LLC’s status, you can request a copy of its Certificate of Standing. A company that is in good standing will have a current Certificate of Good Standing. You can do this for every state.

How do I check a business name availability?

The best way to find out if your business name is taken is to do a business entity search within your state, check Federal Trademark Records, and search the web to find businesses with the same or a similar name.

Who owns an LLC in NY?

Limited liability companies (LLCs) must file Articles of Organization with the New York State Department of State (NYSDOS). Businesses should consult an attorney to learn about legal structures. Limited liability companies are owned by members, not shareholders.

What is a NY DOS ID number?

Your Filing Receipt will contain your LLC’s name, the date filed, and your Department of State ID Number (also known as your DOS ID Number). Your DOS ID Number is unique to your LLC and you will use it when dealing with the State.

How do I make my LLC active?

Most states require LLCs to file annual reports and/or franchise tax reports in order to keep the LLC active and in good status with the state. Annual Reports typically ask for updated information about the LLC (current business address, name(s) and address(es) of the owner(s) and require a fee to be paid to the state.

How do you register a corporation in New York?

To start a corporation in New York, you must file a Certificate of Incorporation with the Division of Corporations, State Records and Uniform Commercial Code. You can file the document online or by mail. The Certificate of Incorporation costs $125 to file.

What are the divisions of New York?

New York City encompasses five county-level administrative divisions called boroughs: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island.

What is a New York business license?

There is no general state of New York business license, however, many cities require businesses to be licensed in order to operate. Rules for business registration vary depending on location and business type. Below are a few cities that have licensing requirements.