Is Powai lake polluted?

The water quality of Powai lake has highly deteriorated. The amount of oxygen in the water is an important indicator of overall lake health. DO is the most important parameter which can be used as an index of water quality and pollution.

Is Powai lake clean?

Powai Lake has gone through many stages of water quality degradation. The lake water, which used to supply drinking water for Mumbai, is now declared unfit to drink. It supplied two million gallons of water to Bombay (now Mumbai) when it was built.

What is Powai lake famous for?

To the east of this lake is the esteemed Indian Intsitute of Technology (IIT Mumbai) which lies downstream of Vihar Lake and the Mithi River….Powai Lake.

Location: Northern suburb of Mumbai
Highlights/Famous For: Artificial lake, serene surroundings

Is the most polluted lake in mumbai?

The Powai Lake has gone through many stages of water quality degradation. The lake water which used to supply drinking water for Mumbai has been declared unfit to drink….

Powai Lake
Coordinates 19.13°N 72.91°E
Catchment area 6.61 km2 (2.55 sq mi)
Basin countries India
Max. depth 12 m (39 ft)

Are there crocodiles in Powai lake?

Powai lake is home to Indian marsh crocodiles protected under the Wildlife Protection Act.

Are there crocodiles in Powai Lake?

Is it safe to swim in Powai Lake?

The water in the Powai lake is dangerous for dairy animals, and therefore human beings too. It is also unfit for bathing and can cause water-borne infections, revealed a quality test conducted by a city-based NGO.

What was the old name of Mumbai?

Maharashtra’s capital, Mumbai (formerly Bombay), is an island city on the western coast, connected to……

Is lokhandwala a posh area?

Lokhandwala Complex is a very affluent and posh area in Andheri. Many celebrities and actors live in Lokhandwala.

What is the old name of Orissa?

Orissa was known as Kalinga in ancient days. Another ancient name of this region was Utkal. It is widely known as the land of Lord Jagannath.

Why is the Powai Lake in Mumbai dying?

Powai lake, whose scenic shores are now lined with posh housing complexes, is dying. Sewage flowing into the lake has reduced levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) to the lowest since 1961. Dissolved oxygen is an important measure of water quality, as it is a direct indicator of a water body’s ability to support life.

What was the pollution level in Powai in 1995?

Between 1987-89, the range fell between 3.60-12 mg/l and in 1995-96, the range was 3.60-6.31 mg/l. “Pollution level at Powai is only increasing at an alarming rate. Large fluctuations in DO levels over a short period of time may be the result of an algal bloom, and this deadly for a water body,” said Salaskar.

What is the current do level in Powai Lake?

PB Salaskar, water quality analyst and secretary from the Naushad Ali Sarovar Samvardhini (NASS), carried out the study and identified the current DO range at Powai to be between 1.7-7.9 mg/l. Between 1961 and 1963, DO levels were in the range of 2.80-7.80 mg/l and 4-12.40 mg/l between 1975-77.

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