What does 26 mean in prison?

The 26s import currency, tobacco, and drugs into the prison; the 27s uphold the law, making them the most feared; while the 28s defend prisoner rights. Photojournalist Luke Daniel used his friendship with one high-ranking insider to photograph members and their tattoos.

What was Nongoloza’s real name?

Mzuzephi Mathebula
Nongoloza (born Mzuzephi Mathebula) also known as Jan Note, a Zulu African from Natal, worked for two criminals based on the Witwatersrand, Tyson and McDonald, assisting them with robbing passenger coaches or carts carrying miners’ wages.

What is a Medium B prison?

Medium A Prison houses both awaiting trial and sentenced juveniles between the ages of 14 and 17. Medium B Prison houses sentenced adult males. Medium C Prison houses sentenced adult males with sentences of up to a year, sentenced adult males on day-parole or soon-to-be-released males.

How did gangsterism begin?

Gangs started in this country about the time of the Industrial Revolution, when people left their rural homes for the city. There was inadequate housing and few jobs available, so the unemployed turned to crime to survive. After a short time, individuals found safety in larger numbers.

Do most prisons have weights?

Not anymore. It’s true that most state and federal prisons had extensive collections of free weights and weight machines through the 1980s, and that inmates could spend significant portions of their days bulking up. These days, whatever free weights you’d still find in U.S. prisons are decades old.

What privileges do prisoners have?

What Are Some Examples of Inmate Privileges?

  • Access to formal and informal educational programs.
  • Communication with loved ones.
  • Inmate work programs.
  • Purchasing commissary items.
  • Day-room and recreational activities.

Who goes to a maximum security prison?

Maximum security prisons generally hold prisoners serving long sentences. These prisoners have commited murder, robbery, kidnapping, treason, or over serious crimes. High stone walls or strong chain fences surround most maximum security prisons.