What is HK VP9 Le?

Description. The HK® OR/LE Semi-Auto Pistol utilizes an enhanced VP striker-fire trigger to give shooters a short, light take-up, with a solid, single action type break, followed by a short positive reset.

What is the difference between HK VP9 and VP9SK?

The biggest difference between the HK VP9 vs HK VP9SK is going to be the size….Size.

Metrics HK VP9 HK VP9SK
Height(top of Slide to bottom of Magazine Baseplate)(Inches) 5.34 4.41
Length (Inches) 7.29 6.59
Width of Grip(Inches) 1.26 1.35
Width of Slide(Inches) 1.13 1.14

Is HK VP9 single or double action?

By definition, that’s makes the VP9 a single action pistol! A result of this mechanism is that the trigger take up is free from resistance and quite silky. The break is fairly crisp, but involves a bit of creep.

What is the difference between HK VP9 and VP9 tactical?

There are only two differences between the VP9 and VP9 Tactical. The H&K VP9 Tactical features a threaded barrel and according to H&K’s site the tactical models do not use an O-ring-assisted lockup like other H&K models. Exactly like the original VP9 the Tactical model features ambidextrous controls.

Is the VP9 long slide worth it?

It shot it just fine, without a hiccup. No issues with any of the other ammo–it shot everything just fine. As I expected, the L isn’t noticeably more accurate than the standard VP9 up close, but as the distances get further, and the shots get more difficult, the sight radius of the L really shines.

Is HK VP9 full size or compact?

This first initial model of the HK VP9 is a full-size duty gun, bigger than most people would want to carry concealed; dimensionally it’s nearly identical to the Glock 17. It has a 4.1-inch barrel and is 7.3 inches long and 5.4 inches high. Total weight without magazine is 23.28 ounces.

Is the HK VP9 a good gun?

The HK VP9 overall feels excellent in the hand, and it feels a cut above most other polymer, striker fired handguns. That said, if you’ve handled the HK P30, this gun seems like it’s a cheaper variant of that firearm.

What comes with a VP9?

Shipped in a plastic clamshell case, VP9 pistols only come with two magazines, which is surprising given that many brands offering similar-purpose pistols include three. (LE models include three magazines.) Also included with VP9’s are changeable backstraps and separate side panels that serve as palm swells.

How much does a HK VP9 Le cost?

HK VP9 LE Complete Upper Slide Night Sights. MPN: 81000284UPPER. In Stock. Price: $599.00. 3 models.

Are there Heckler and Koch VP9 pistols for sale?

Heckler & Koch VP9 pistols for sale! – EuroOptic.com After four years of development the HK VP9 was born.

What kind of reset does the VP9 have?

The VP9 trigger surpasses those found on competitors. It has a short, light take-up with a solid, single action type break followed by a short positive reset. The VP9 trigger has a consistent pre-travel pull with a positive wall/crisp break.

What kind of pull does a VP9 have?

The VP9 trigger has a consistent pre-travel pull with a positive wall/crisp break. Typically, striker fired guns have a pre-travel pull that increases in weight as you go through the trigger stroke.