What is Republic Act 7942 all about?

7942) which was designed to revive the mining industry and attract more foreign investment by defining the agreements for mineral exploitation, and provide the requirements for acquiring mining rights. It governs the exploration, development, processing and utilization of mineral resources in the Philippines.

What is wrong with the Mining Act of 1995?

The Philippine Mining Act of 1995 is clearly anti-people and anti-environment. Worst, it does not protect the Filipino people from foreign mining firms. The people are neither benefitting from, nor in control, of these resources.

What is the discussion about the Philippine Mining Act of 1995?

RA7942 or the Philippine Mining Act of 1995 affirms that all mineral resources in public and private lands within the territory and exclusive economic zone of the Republic of the Philippines are owned by the State and it is the responsibility of the State to promote their rational exploration, development, utilization …

What Ra is illegal mining?

Philippine Mining Act of 1995 (Republic Act No. 7942). An Act instituting a new system of mineral resources exploration, development, utilization and conservation.

What is the purpose of RA 10175?

The Philippine Congress enacted Republic Act No. 10175 or “Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012” which completely address crimes committed against and by means of computer system on 12 September 2012. It includes penal substantive rules, procedural rules and also rules on international cooperation.

Why is mining an issue in the Philippines?

The total ban of mining rests on the fact that mining activities has a destructive effect on natural resource, like the destruction of the natural habitat of different animal species. The dumping of chemicals in the mining could also pollute the other areas near the mining sites.

What is illegal mining and effects in the Philippines?

Large-scale mining is destructive as it uses the method of open-pit mining which entails clearing thousands of hectares of rainforests and agricultural lands, deep excavations to extract minerals, the use of toxic heavy metals and chemicals to process mineral ores, and the consumption of millions of liters of water – …

Is mining illegal in Philippines?

Yes. The Constitution states that all natural resources, which include mineral resources, are owned by the State and that the exploration, development, and utilisation thereof shall be under the State’s full control and supervision.

What is Republic No 6969?

6969 or the Toxic Substances and Hazardous and Nuclear Waste Control Act of 1990. Year of Enactment and Implementation. Enacted and Implemented in 1990. Purpose. Control of Toxic Substances and Hazardous and Nuclear Waste.

What is Republic Act No 8293 of the Philippines?

The law: Republic Act No. 8293 [An Act Prescribing the Intellectual Property Code and Establishing the Intellectual Property Office, Providing for Its Powers and Functions, and for Other Purposes] otherwise known as the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines.

What is Republic No 11058?

Republic Act No. 11058, An Act Strengthening Compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Standards and Providing Penalties for Violations thereof.

What was the Philippine Mining Act of 1995?

This Act shall be known as the “Philippine Mining Act of 1995.” All mineral resources in public and private lands within the territory and exclusive economic zone of the Republic of the Philippines are owned by the State.

How to stop illegal mining in the Philippines?

Stop illegal operations in Didipio mines! Environmental and human rights groups in the Philippines support the resistance led by the Didipio Earth Savers Movement (DESAMA) and Didipio-Watch against destructive and irresponsible mining in Nueva Vizcaya.

Why did Duterte lift ban on mining in Philippines?

MANILA — President Rodrigo Duterte has issued an order to lift a nine-year moratorium on granting new mining permits in the Philippines. The order is expected to ease the entry of at least 291 existing mining applications, escalating threats to the environment and its defenders, anti-mining and environmental groups say.

How long has the mining industry been in the Philippines?

That is more than a quarter of a century of misery faced by mining-affected communities and destruction of the environment and our precious natural resources.