Who is Fitzroy Gordon wife?

Marvette Gordon

Fitzroy Gordon
Occupation Radio Broadcaster
Known for Grapevine, G98.7
Notable work G98.7 FM
Spouse(s) Marvette Gordon

Who is the new owner of G98 7?

Neeti P. Ray
Neeti P. Ray, an experienced investor in the broadcasting industry with radio stations in Ontario and Quebec, was announced as the winning bidder for the ownership of G98. 7 FM, which has been on the air since 2011.

What killed Fitzroy Gordon?

April 30, 2019
Fitzroy Gordon/Date of death

What happened to Alicia Wright DaCosta?

Not part of the court ordered management team is long-time employee Alicia Wright-DaCosta, who has been the “chief operating officer” for the past two years following Gordon’s stroke and subsequent death. She is still with the station and now is an employee apparently reporting to Powell and Blythe.

Who are the children of Fitzroy Anthony Gordon?

Beloved husband of Marvette Gordon (nee Powell). Loving father of: Korey, Andrew, Tennyson and Nelson. With a deep love and passion for radio and broadcasting, it was on CHIN radio, that his “Dr. Love” persona emerged.

How old was Fitzroy Gordon when he died?

Gordon, the founder of Toronto-based radio station dedicated to providing Caribbean programming, died on Tuesday, his wife Marvette Gordon said in a brief statement. He was 65. “It is with great sadness that I announce his passing,” the statement reads.

When did Fitzroy Gordon start his radio show?

Fitzroy Gordon launched CKFG-FM (G98.7) in 2011 and hosted a program on he station for many years. (Submitted by Marvette Gordon) Gordon, who launched CKFG-FM (G98.7) in 2011 and who for many years hosted a program called Grapevine on his radio station, was hospitalized for several weeks back in 2017.